TRIDENS – paper

2021. C. Hansen, D. Unruh, M. Alba, C. Qian, A. Abelson, M. Law, G. T. Zimanyi. Hierarchical Carrier Transport Simulator for Defected Nanoparticle Solids: TRIDENS Scientific Reports (Nature group), 11, 1-12.

Moule – paper

2020. X. Chu,H. Heidari, A. Abelson,D. Unruh,C. Hansen,C. Qian,G.T. Zimanyi, M. Law  and  A. J. Moulé Structural characterization of a polycrystalline epitaxially-fused colloidal quantum dot superlattice by electron tomography J. Mater. Chem. A, 8,...