TEDx Davis Talk

An enigmatic man draped in black comes to give you a glimpse of the future! In this fun-filled and lively talk, Professor Zimanyi gives us a glimpse of the nano-revolution that is just around the corner. Will you choose the blue pill and reject it? Or take the leap with the red pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes?

Gergely Zimanyi joined the UC Davis Physics Department in 1989. His studies include high temperature superconductors, vortices, glasses and strongly interacting systems. His current interests focus on problems in basic sc v c ience that impact our lives more directly including new generations of magnetic recording systems, new and more powerful magnets for hybrid cars and memristors, the revolutionary new micro-devices that may completely redefine the architecture of computers, bringing them closer to our own neural networks. In recent years, he has developed a strong research program into nano-structured solar cells which promise to increase the efficiency of solar energy conversion.


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