Selected Talks

2018 A Deliberate Journey, Harvard – Part I and Part II

2017 The Full Spectrum Boost Project: Upconversion, Downconversion and Transport in Nanoparticles Solar Cells, Telluride, CO

2016 Photovoltaic desalination California Energy Commission

2016 The Full Spectrum Boost Project: Upconversion, Downconversion, Transport Los Alamos

2016 Spin-wave renormalized Finite Element Magnetic modeling FORC Conference, New Orleans

2014 Full spectrum Boost in Nanoparticle Solar Cells Stanford

2014 Hierarchical Transport Modeling in Nanoparticle Solar Cells APS-invited

2014 Ab initio studies of Nanoparticle Photovoltaics: MEG, Exotic core phases, and Complementary transport SPIE Photonics West -invited

2013 Where are the frontiers of energy research in a stormy world? Rio deJaneiro

2013 Multi-Exciton Generation in Nanostructured Solar Cells UC Santa Cruz, CA

2013 Quantitative FORC Analysis: Mean Field Theory and Local Cluster Corrections Part I Part II UC Davis, Davis CA

2012 Comparative study of transport models for bipolar switching in memristors EPICO-Buenos Aires

2012 Multi-Exciton Generation in Nanostructured Solar Cells Yale, New Haven, CT

2011 Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Functionalized for Solar Cell and Memristor Applications SCES, Cambridge, England

2011 Memristors – a Revolution on the Horizon Stanford, CA

2011 Probing Short Range Spin Glasses with Avalanches APS Meeting, Dallas, TX

2011 The Nano Age-TEDx talk TEDx conference, UC Davis, CA

2010 The FORC.M2.alpha Method Magnetism and Magnetic Materials conference Atlanta, GA

2009 Coulomb Glasses Transport and Interactions in Disordered Systems, Budapest, Hungary

2008 Aging and Coarsening in Dislocation glasses, March meeting, New Orleans, LA

2008 Dislocation Glasses, Nanostructured Solar Cells Rutgers, NJ

2007 Extracting the Switching Field Distribution by the FORC Method Magnetism and Magnetic Materials conference, Baltimore, MD

2007 Optimizing Graded Media Magnetism and Magnetic Materials conference, Baltimore, MD

2006 Dislocation Glass, Channel Flow Mesoscopic Superconductivity and Magnetism, Argonne, Chicago, IL

2005 Dislocations Structures in Disordered 2D Vortex Matter Tsukuba, Japan

2005 Extracting the Switching Field Distribution by the FORC Method Seagate Research Center, Minneapolis, MN

2005 Vortex Glass, Dislocation Glass, Stripe Glass: Long Range Interactions at Work Leiden Workshop on Glassy Systems, Leiden, Holland

2005 Dislocation Glass in the 2D Vortex Matter Vortex Matter conference, Crete, Greece

2005 Modeling Perpendicular Media Hysteresis Modeling conference, Budapest, Hungary

2004 Simulations of 2D Disordered Vortex Matter Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM

2004 Structures from Competing Interactions UC Berkeley, CA