Silicon PV 2022

Jan. 2022 Our paper on solar cell degradation was selected as one of the top 20 papers (out of thousands of submissions) of the SiliconPV 2022 conference in Konstanz and will be published prominently.

NERSC 2021

Nov. 2021 Our group got 4.8 million CPU hours from the supercomputing center NERSC. Combined with the 128 nodes we own at the UC Davis computer center gives us a solid foundation for our heavy duty numerical work.


Oct. 2021 Our group received a new $300k grant from DOE to continue our studies of solar cell degradation, aided by Machine Learning.

Chase PhD – news

Jun. 2021 Chase Hansen just graduated from UC Davis with a Ph.D.! Congratulations, Dr. Hansen! Chase decided to be a quant in Seattle, calculating financial risk! Chase, you were the senior student in our group for four years, a real leader. You got 7 papers to your...

Davis PhD – news

Jun. 2021 Davis Unruh just graduated from UC Davis with a Ph.D.! Congratulations, Dr. Unruh! You got 8 papers to your name: a truly impressive achievement! You greatly increased our group’s standing in the physics community! You made us proud! Davis already...

SolDeg paper – news

Jun. 2021 Our paper “From Femtoseconds to Gigaseconds: The SolDeg Platform for the Performance Degradation Analysis of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells” was published in the high impact factor journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.