Alum Frank Wilhelm

June 2020: Group alum Frank Wilhelm just got the position of Director of the new Institute for Quantum Computing Analytics at the Forschungszentrum Jülich – a large national laboratory in Germany and home of the Helmholtz Quantum Center.

Alum Dustin Dilbert

June 2020: Group alum Dustin Gilbert, an assistant professor at the University of Tennessee, also working at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, was just awarded the prestigious CAREER award by the DOE, given to the most promising young faculty in the US.

National Science Foundation Grant

May 2020: Our group received a $600k grant from the National Science Foundation for our collaboration with Adam Moule and Matt Law on Scanning Transmission Electron Tomography of Nanoparticle Solids, with an emphasis on their transport properties.

Solar Energies Technology Office Grant

January 2020: Our group received a $250k grant from the Solar Energies Technology Office of the DOE for our newly started research project to analyze the long time degradation of Si solar cells. Our theoretical effort is performed in close collaboration with the...