SolDeg paper

Mar. 2021 Our paper “From Femtoseconds to Gigaseconds: The SolDeg Platform for the Performance Degradation Analysis of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells” was submitted for prominent publication.

New students

Mar. 2021 New graduate students Zeke Zhao, Andrew Diggs, Hong Cai, Zenchao Hong, Adam Goga, and Zack Crawford all decided to join our group. Welcome to the next generation of our group!

NERSC 2021

Jan. 2021 Our group secured a large, 4 million CPU hours allocation at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center NERSC.

Mott-Hubbard Nano Letters

Nov. 2020 Our paper “Disordered Mott–Hubbard Physics in Nanoparticle Solids: Transitions Driven by Disorder, Interactions, and Their Interplay” was published in Nano Letters.

Alum Frank Wilhelm

June 2020: Group alum Frank Wilhelm just got the position of Director of the new Institute for Quantum Computing Analytics at the German national Research lab in Jülich.

Alum Dustin Dilbert

June 2020: Group alum Dustin Gilbert, an assistant professor at the University of Tennessee, also working at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, was just awarded the prestigious CAREER award by the DOE, given to the most promising young faculty in the US.