Photovoltaic Desalination


We have invented photovoltaic desalination. We have provided the proof of concept experimentally. We are performing extensive simulations to analyze the dynamics of desalination/flushing cycle. Our simulations start on the atomistic scale to model nanometer-size features of the adsorbent surface. A COMSOL simulation of ion-adsorbing hydrodynamics in individual channels is developed as the next hierarchical level. Finally, an effective-medium description of the desalination cell is developed from the analysis of the channels.


Finite element hydrodynamics, COMSOL hydrodynamics, Effective medium theory



  • 2019. Y.C Bourdain, M.R. Gartia, G.L. Liu, L. Plucinski, L. Qu, H.B. Radousky, B. Trenhalle, G.T. Zimanyi. Photovoltaic Desalination System. US patent 10,361,329.